What do you think could be improved when it comes to the UI/UX of this page?

Do you find the loading state of the page peculiar or not? Personally, I find it intriguing and rather enjoyable. I would appreciate hearing your feedback on it as well :)

Am I right in thinking the image on the right is related to the form on the left?
At the point where I scroll past the fold, where I see the title 'Original photo', I found it hard to tell what's happening.

Maybe you can change the order of the page, at the top show the 'original photo' on the left, and the AI generated ones to its right..with BEFORE, AFTER - side by side

Then underneath user gets a chance to input their own stuff?

Also I don't have a picture of my car, or any asking to upload a picture when I'm just trying out the app results in me leaving
It might be good if you had a small gallery of 3-4 demo cars to save peopel from uploading images so there isn't any delay to try out the app?

@graeme_fulton Thank you for feedback! I am creating new todos right now to ensure that everything is done correctly. Thank you!

you're welcome, it's just an idea, i could be wrong..take a look at similar sites for inspiration

Here's my honest feedback:

1) Loading image looks very rough / like someone made it in mspaint in 5 minutes. I would just put loading spinner icon on the submit button itself, gray out the submit button while loading, and get rid of the giant loading text on the right.

2) Confused what happens after I upload the image - it says "your image will be shown here or sent to your email" - which one is it? Also, if it's already shown on the webpage, why would I give you my email? I've already gotten what I wanted out of the website at that point.

4) Doesn't seem to work for the image I uploaded. I uploaded a picture of a honda civic and the webpage showed me 2 pictures of an unrealistic looking civic with a missing honda logo and 2 pictures of an audi.

5) Just to see what would happen, when I put in my email, it just redirected me back to the "upload your image" page without giving me any confirmation that the image would be sent to my email. You will need to add some way of confirming that the submission was received.

@ben I appreciate your feedback. Currently, I'm working on redesigning of the idea, this is why you could see some stuff not working or working weird.