What do you think about my MVP? I’m trying to get some feedback for

What would you change? Do you think is useful and practical? Minimalism is OK? Would you use it? Thanks for your help, guys! ^_^

PS: You can’t login with Instagram until I receive the ‘Lizard Society badge of approval’ from zuck :c (under review)
PS2: Twitter is better ;)

Here a clickable link

Looks good. Answering your questions one by one.
I would make it better in UI/UX.
Yep see RemoteOK. Its the same. So its useful & practical.
Minimalism is OK but never always build a MUP (Minimal Usable Product).
I would use it I was a Remote worker but needs content. Didn't try Twitter Login though so can't say about it :)

Thanks! Yes is a “reddit” like app so everyone can submit their favorite job boards.

I’ll try to make a robot to find and add remote working sites too

Yes & do read how RemoteOK was made. If you're doing something similar, then you should totally steal. Good artists copy, great artists steal 😉

Just a tiny thing—your sign up button says "Sing Up"

loool did you sing?

I did, but nothing happened so I figured it was a bug.