What do you all do for health insurance?

Not directly related to building stuff, but I'm planning on moving overseas soon to be able to extend my indie hacking runway and starting to think about health insurance options. I've seen a few "global" health plans from:
- Cigna Global (Cigna - 6 months of US coverage + unlimited intl)
- Allianz (not sure which insurance network they use, their support was useless when I called them and I can't figure out how long their US coverage is valid for each year)
- IMG (United Healthcare - 6 months of US coverage + unlimited intl)
- GeoBlue Global (Blue Cross Blue Shield - 9 months of US coverage + unlimited intl)

Cigna, IMG/United Healthcare, and Blue Cross Blue Shield are all pretty decent in the US, but I'm not sure how they work overseas or if there's a difference in quality.

I'm either going to get one of the above plans for total peace of mind, or just get a health insurance plan in the countries I end up spending the most time in (I'll more than likely be relocating to Thailand) + layer on some travel insurance for emergencies in other countries that I might want to visit.

Does anyone here have experience with these plans and how have they worked out for you if so?


Not on your list, but when out of Europe I use True Traveller, not too expensive, they cover risky sports & heard great things about how they manage claims

(In Europe as EU citizen we're already covered)

Thanks - looked into it, but they don't insure US residents (or Thai residents as I might be in the future). Seems to be EU only.

Have you looked into

Yep! If I go with the layered approach with travel medical insurance for emergencies, I'll more than likely just use safetywing for that part

Around 2015, when I started traveling frequently and spending a lot of time in Bali, I researched international health insurance providers. At that time, Cigna Global had good reviews.

I still pay for the Cigna policy but never used them, hopefully, I won't need them anytime soon :) It cost me $168 / month, coverage up to $1M.

Yeah Cigna seems to have good pricing. At the same time they seem to have the worst sales staff - some dude from Cigna keeps spam calling me every morning and every afternoon to ask me to finish signing up. For that reason alone I’m looking at other providers now heh