What do u think about my idea to match makers & white hat hackers & how'd u validate it?

Guise I was thinking about creating a platform to match makers and white hat hackers to work together.

On the makers side, makers will be able to receive a free security check & will be able to pay for an explanation and a fix

On the hackers side, hackers from all levels will be able to earn reputiton and in case they succeed make $$.
  • I assume security experts won't use this platform because they already have enough work but newbies and soon-to-be experts will be able to improve their skills & make $$ while makers will have secured websites

Generally it is a nice idea, however it could be tricky, because of the security experts side.
Like you said, experienced people would not use it, because they make enough $$ in in the industry.

So you will mostly get people that are new to the field. The problem is now, that you do a "security check" but people that are not that experienced may miss vulnerabilities. So in the end you maybe pay someone to fix something and thing your site is secure but it's not.

Would be also a legal question if the security researcher may be accountable.