What are your habits for getting right back into the flow of work when landing in a new city?

It can be disruptive to get settled in a new place while getting focused work done, especially for coding. What has worked best for you to get right back in the zone in a new place?

I keep going back to the same places and tend to stay there for quite a while (at least a month) so it's not a big problem if my first few days aren't as productive. If I were hopping from one place to the other, I'm not sure I'd be able to work as consistently as I'd feel bad for not experiencing my new surroundings.

I also think over time it becomes easier to just sit down and do the work. Motivation used to play a bigger role in my life, but nowadays I can just mostly go sit somewhere and start. Even in the rare cases I don't feel like working, I know that if I start anyway I'll be back in the zone pretty soon regardless.

I think it comes down to learning to ignore the lack of motivation and start anyway. The same way it's best to just go to the gym even if some days you don't feel like it. Once you're exercising it's usually alright. Same with work.

I am usually pretty productive the first few days, main things for me are:
- Don't book flights that unnecessarily fuck up my sleep schedule.
- Don't fuck myself over with a long commute to center/CW space.
- Don't cheap out on an apartment forcing me to hang at a CW space all day. I'm living there, not on vacation.
- Get a gym membership on day 0 (else I never end up getting one).