What are your favorite Ruby gems?



  • gon – set JS vars in controller (e.g.
  • turbolinks – fast front-end, without requiring complicated JS (e.g. React)




  • friendly_id – flexible way of generating slugs
  • groupdate – group records by day/week/month, useful for analytics
  • rack-attack – block spammers, scrapers, and other abusive clients
  • shrine – extensible file upload gem
  • simple_form – better way to generate HTML forms

A few of yours plus:


  • Active Admin - Simplify the way you manage your website and your models.


  • bootstrap. Add twitter bootstrap.


  • haml. Save time and gain clarity with your html code

  • httparty. Makes http fun again! (not my words but pretty accurate)


  • apipie-rails. Easily document your API


Of course don´t forget. Devise, sidekiq, stripe ...

Debugging: - Pry gem, an alternative to the IRB shell.… - Byebug gem, you can pinpoint where the bug is in that specific code

STYLES: --> add styles to your page, similar to twitter bootstrap… --> font awesome in embedded Ruby! So good for links --> for pagination, lets you break down your collection of items to be broken down

GRITTER GEM --> users will have notification if they something to the app like sign out, post a question, add an answer. That black box you see that pops up on the upper tight. has this 😄

FWIW, I don't use gritter. It's just a standard Rails flash notice with some CSS. No Javascript needed.

no idea you could do that haha

wait fwiw, i actually know how to do it but i started using gritter first but now i switched it, don't know how to delete the comment above😅