What are some good workarounds to get typeform-like signup UX + recurring stripe payment setup?

I'm working on Checkout Page ( and am looking for good reasons to add recurring billing. I can imagine something like filling in a Typeform -> link to Checkout Page -> return to a certain URL after subscribing.

Could you explain in more detail what you're looking for?

I've got two products - one is a paid newsletter, the other is a community not too different from WIP/Nomadlist. Both need recurring payments.

I really enjoy Typeform's seamlessly embeddable interface and that it integrates easily with Mailchimp / GA etc - but the lack of recurring billing is a bummer.

Yeah, it is a bummer that TypeForm doesn't support subscriptions. Also, when a customer makes a purchase in Stripe, TypeForm doesn't create a customer in your stripe account. For example, I've made over 500 sales via TypeForm, and my Stripe account shows 0 customers.

I would suggest the next best option is PaperForm:

Here's how to sign the customer to a subscription using PaperForm:…

Then after they fill out the form, direct them to another URL as you mentioned. PaperForm also supports webhooks for doing more advanced things.

And if you don't need a complex multi-step questionnaire like you'd be able to create using TypeForm or PaperForm, if you just need something simple that can handle recurring billing, here's a good option: