web3 resources for learning / building stuff

I want to mess around with web3, and build some stuff.

I did a quick google search, but I didn't really find anything super useful to someone with little to 0 knowledge about building web3 stuff.

Anyways if you have any good resources for getting started please lmk.

In terms of programming viewpoint I think most of the languages have libraries for that stuff now. Just check API docs like…

I briefly took a look at some APIs, but didn't really feel that comfortable using it 😅

I was hoping for a primer I guess before jumping into things. Idk a quick overview of how things should work, but maybe I should just mess around with the api and see what happens

if you have a basic JS/React knowledge, the best place I know to start with web3 dev is
Super nice beginner-friendly projects
Good pace, not too hard. You will master the basics. The community is huge.
They give you a cool NFT if you finish the projects in a week.
They will help you find a good web3 job if you're good enough: that is their business model I think — they already partnered with lots of huge web3 companies. Check them out, totally worth it!!!

Second this, have done a few tutorials and as a start they are pretty good but if you want to go in depth - go into documentation of specific chain / platform.

Check out Loris Leiva's Solana tutorial series. Just the right amount of everything:…

More on the solidity side, : learn solidity + web3 with Zombies, gamified, cool + interesting
Eat the blocks Youtube, starting with truffle :…


When I was trying to understand what NFTs were and how they were implemented I went through a few videos here:…

A little bit less well known but he goes through the process of building a generative art project from scratch.

Quite interesting.

if you already know the basics of Solidity and want to take your skills to the next level + learn about solidity, this is incredible:

(probably not recommended for beginners tho)