Kirill So


Full-time PM, part-time tinkerer
Joined January 2018
Finish the expertise article #life
Revisiting The Ideal Bootstrapper Business with Jason Cohen #life
refresher on reduce() method
I forgot to log my tasks for months again, so here I am starting again. Learning typescript.
Daily exercise, meditation, writing, coding, sleep 7 hours. #life
A thread about algorithmic content #life
AI writer front-end
Today, I'm working on building my own AI writing assistant w/ GPT-3 ‚ú® Here's the plan: - Explore OpenAI + Playground - Connect to GPT-3s API - Ship a web app + Chrome extension
Start on the annual review #life
meditate for 10 minutes #life
create t3-app
coffee and product management
Fix "about me" page #life
Survived Friday #life
#1 JavaScriptmas challenge
docker-compose up
Finish a super simple web app with Rails & Twitter API #shadowfeedback
Wake-up at 6am and get to work! #life
Added form validation on both client and server side for shadowFeedback Rails app #shadowfeedback
Add Postgres to Rails app and model data #shadowfeedback