Want to join an Indie collective in Spain?

Hey all, 

I'm keen on joining an indie hacker collective. Rent a flat for like 3-6 months somewhere nice, like Spain, and keep building products. 

Would anyone be interested to do this?

This has been attempted a bunch of times by different people, and I've had random people from NomadList DM me and ask me to join their hacker house which I've turned down 100% of the time

I think the problem with this is that you get a bunch of random people who have never lived together, and then arguments break out/living arrangements become awkward because some people will inevitably not get along for whatever reason once they meet in person, or maybe one of the people in the house steals from other people etc

Coworking with new people and meeting new people is fun (I'm probably going to do KoHub in Thailand at some point, they have a good mix of coliving + coworking with offsite apartments very close to the coworking facility), but living with random people in the same house is a completely different story

Interesting - thank you for this insight. Very good to know.

@ben What other facilities do you know about besides KoHub?

A lot of coworking spaces in Chiang Mai operate like this too from what I remember. Can’t remember specific names right now unfortunately, but they’re on Google maps