Time to cut 🔪

18 months have passed since I started working with my online fitness coach. Deciding to hire an expert after ~3 years of trying things out myself has turned out to be a big win.

I finally started to make progress and learned the basic principles of fitness:
  1. Do compound exercises with progressive overload in proper form 🏋🏻‍♂️
  2. Be in a small energy surplus with enough protein 🥩
  3. Get enough rest to recover 💤

Everyone can gain muscle following these principles.

Recently we stopped the coaching because I'm now ready to do it on my own, a great compound effect.

In those 18 months I gained 11 kilos, as I started with a body weight of 66 kg and now weigh 77 kg. We were expecting to gain 0,5 kilos of muscle per month, so I guess it came with ~2 kilos of body fat (which is normal).

This made me decide to go into a cut phase for a few months to get to 29 inches of waist circumference again (now 31 inches).

What to do in a cut phase:
  • Eat in a ~25% calorie deficit.
  • Ramp up protein intake to ~30% (P:E diet).
  • Keep lifting, but lower volume to be able to recover and avoid injuries, only strength rep ranges (2-6 reps), less sets per exercise and don't expect to make progress.

I'll do this for two months and expect to lose ~4 kilos of body fat (~600 cals x 60 days =  ~36000 / 9000 = ~4 kilos).