Subdomain vs new domain for a product?

Hi all, I have the domain, and also a new project called UI Sounds, that currently sits in

However, I also own - do you think it would be a good move to use instead of the subdomain?

The reason I went with subdomain is because it's part of the same overall project, and already has decent SEO.

Thanks for any feedback!

One domain sounds better as it supports your SEO efforts and it is part of the same product.

I agree with @EbrahimKhalilHassen. You'll get better SEO, but not only that it'll be clear to users that your product is independent. If a user visited, they might be confused about whether UI Sounds was its own product, and how it might relate to

If you have a domain for it already, I'd definitely say use it. It also means you'll be able to send emails to users from that domain :)

If the new product matches with the overall goal of the main domain, then I would use a subdomain. If the new product is a new product for a different industry category, then I would use a new domain name.

A subdomain won't receive any SEO benefits. For that, you need to use subdirectories.