Soft launch:

If you feel comfortable launching, you are too late, right? Here it goes: Introducing — A tool which helps product makers to better define features.

As an analyst at a large Dutch retailer, I'm responsible for writing Jira tickets for one of the product teams. I collect input from stakeholders and try to describe features as clear and complete as possible, so that the developers can accurately estimate the work and start working on it without any problems.

But every time I got a question about a ticket like: 'But what about *situation X*?' I thought: 'I should have thought about that!'

That's why I built Based on a short feature description it generates a user story in a predefined format (title, user story, current situation, definition of done, acceptance criteria). After that, several AI personas (For now a UX expert, Marketing/Sales expert and an Anonymous Messageboard user, but more are on their way) give their feedback, tips and questions, based on their expertise.

It saves me time setting up the tickets, and provides me with insights and improvement ideas, but it still forces me to think. It's not a copy-paste solution.

So yes — It's just a ChatGPT wrapper, but it solves my problem and I liked working on it for the last three weeks.

I'm curious to hear what the WIP community thinks. While it's not focussed on solo makers, I still think it can be useful. Try it out, and if you need some more free tokens — Let me know!

👋 Jasper

Cool product idea! I remember you mentioned this in your intro post, good to see you launched it. The "AINONYMOUS" persona is great, though you should have just called them "Redditor" for accuracy 😎

Also some feedback: I signed up with an email and it said it would send me my user story in 5 minutes, but it hasn't yet. I used [email protected] (disposable email) if you have any logs to investigate

Thanks Ben, I saw it took 7 minutes to generate the user story and the replies. (I'll update the text to 10 minutes :)) SendGrid says the email should have been sent. If not, I'll send it again.

I don't think it sent, but it could also be because I was using a disposable email address and the message expired or something. In any case, why does this take ~10 mins? Is it just a slow API call to OpenAI? I would try to make it take no more than a few seconds if you can.