Should we have a WIP newsletter?

I feel a lot of info is getting lost in the chat because you don't have time to read everything.

I'd like a newsletter with a recap of the main info of the week: - projects launched - interesting questions asked etc.

Of course this is a bit of work to curate, maybe a better option is separate Telegram channels (eg WIP Launches, WIP Questions etc)

What do you think?

I made this experiment once:

It's a preview of what a weekly newsletter could look like.

Curious to hear your thoughts. Is it interesting? Would you prefer to see less or more? Right now it's fully automated. Does that work for you, or do you prefer emails with a more personal touch. For example me or a community manager summarising what you see in the email with human language and curation.

Man that's great! So many easter eggs in WIP!
That does the trick for me.