Should I change my product name?

When I first started building the vision was for charities to engage with a younger audience - one of the methods of doing this was to allow supporters to donate through a chatbot named "Ella" (

While the bot will still be a feature, it's no longer the core vision. Instead, I'm building a platform to encourage charities to be more transparent and engage with supporters through regular updates. Supporters will soon be able to provide feedback on how much they trust and like a charity - putting everything out in the open.

I have the domain which I now feel is far more appropriate than Should I consider switching?

I like the current name, for some reason it creates more empathy on me than OpenGood.

But imo in the end the name doesn't really matter. Ella is shorter and clean, so I would keep it.

Thanks, I was just worrying that it wouldn't make much sense to a user, but I think you're right. I have the branding sorted already also, so there's that.