Share what you are looking for during Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2019?

I'm looking for some wireless noise canceling headphones that are not that big. Any recommendations will be appreciated!

I was thinking on spending around $150. Any recommendations are appreciated.

I know they don't exactly match your criteria (about $299 I think and maybe too big if you don't want over-ear headphones), but the Bose QuietComfort 35's are one of my favorite products I own.

I don't have a deal link handy, but I remember seeing it somewhere. Will update this post when I find it.

Nice, thanks! I've seen it, and know that most of the time Bose products are fantastic.

Aren't these too big though? Especially for traveling.

I'm looking for wireless, but if someone out there wants a cheaper, wired version I just found it on QVC (lol):…