Service to integrate domain registration

In our project ☒ we will offer to run your generated web page on a custom domain the customer owns.
The service is geared towards non-technical users, who don't have the skill or time to use a page builder, but just want to be done in 5 minutes. They are likely to not know how to buy and connect a domain.

Are there any known "domain registrar API/integration as a service" out there, that we could integrate with? It would be cool to offer the functionality of buying and setting up a domain, without the responsibility and complexity.

Cloudflare has a pretty extensive API. Otherwise, I'm sure the AWS APIs would cover this use case. But, with both you'd need to code something up, don't think they offer something like this out of the box.

I think so, too. We are using Cloudflare for SaaS to be able to cache requests to custom domains without owning them.
However, registering domains for our customers with them being in control and owning them, is another thing entirely :)

While many registrars have an API, they wont let you register a domain name under somebody else’s name.

What you need is a “domain reseller API”

Hexonet offers one:

Exactly. Thanks for the suggestion.
Have you used the service or know anybody there?

I've used them for other reasons (backorders, etc).

I haven't used their reseller API and I don't know anybody there. I think the last time I was in touch with them about something else, they were quite helpful.