Roast the copy of

I added the copy using I'd love to get some feedback on 
  1. whether it's clear what the project is? 
  2. Do the feature descriptions feel too long?
  3. What would you pay for something like this?

looks dope -- would love some screenshots + video walkthroughs; can't afford it so would love a trial or a free account as well. gl

Thanks, Temporarily removed the paywall for the next 2 weeks. There isn't a lot to try yet, cause it's still in development. You can only create and export project codebases for now, But plugin integration is coming soon.

whether it's clear what the project is?

I think so. It's a nocode / little code way of building web applications.

Do the feature descriptions feel too long?

The feature descriptions don't feel too long to me. Although, the way things are organized feels a little strange to me. The pricing hero is at the top and then it goes back to listing features that aren't clearly connected to the 6 features you mention at the top. It'd be nice to expand on the features one-by-one, for example the color picker probably relates to the GUI builder feature.

What would you pay for something like this?

Yeah, if it worked well.

It seems like an awesome and gigantic idea. I'm not sure how far along you are (I tried what works so far and exported a project with plugins) / how large of a team you're going to build this with. In general, it seems like a total solution that is trying to do everything. Normally, when I try to do "everything" solutions, the scope is too large, and is probably best to be done by a large team somewhere and not me. If it's just you, maybe consider picking a smaller part of the problem that you can do well. For example, I'd be interested in something that mixes, matches, and manages the whole tech stack, even if I'm still writing code, which if I understand correctly, is just a part of what you want to do.

That being said, it looks awesome and I hope to use it.

I'll fix the order of the sections on the landing page, Thanks for catching that!

Currently, It's just me working on the project, and I'm planning to hire more devs from the revenue from the project

I'm not big with all the animation but I can understand if your audience like it. I think animation should be tone down. When someone lands, the object should be clear and to do the point w/o eye candy.