Roast SimpleOTP's first landing page

Just made it today. Got this business idea after I noticed many people were implementing their own "magic link authentication" for their websites:

Let me know what you think and if the landing page makes sense. Thanks!

have you considers a pre built theme? I think this would level up your project.

I think this is a pretty hard space to play in, if I'm going to use something for OTP, I really want to make sure they're still going to be here in a few years.

Thanks for the reply!

  1. Any specific recommendations on what could be improved with the current theme or what other ones you've seen do better?

  2. Even if I disappear, which I won't if there's demand for this - I'm hoping to preempt some of that concern by offering self-hosting and the ability to store user info in the customer's DB instead of mine. That much is listed on the landing page. Is there anything else you'd want to see to feel secure in the product?

Side note: I've gotten some feedback on other forums that a code example or mockup screenshot would be helpful (and I imagine that would help people feel better, as a developer I often look for code examples too), so I'm going to add those things later today.

Hey Ben,

I think a site offering OTP has gotta look trustworthy. The use of emojis doesn't give me the feeling that this is a super serious site. I think for a few bucks, slapping a theme of some sort on there with a few nice graphical elements could really level the project up : )

Got it, thanks and fair point about the emojis. I'll see if I can remove most or all of them. As for the paid theme: not going to pay for one of those, but will review some random paid landing pages to see if they have any nice looking elements I can incorporate into the landing page. Feel free to send any over that you like a lot and I'll give them a look.

If it's cost thats the problem, maybe consider some free ones?…

It really does need to level up the design – that would be my input. : )

Got it, I'm using a landing page builder at the moment (Carrd) so the cost of switching to custom code (Tailwind, which I've never used - I'm sure I could pick it up but it would take some time) right now is a bit high. It's going to be faster for me to just add a few of the missing features to this landing page vs. using a completely new platform so I'll do that for the time being. Definitely using a few of these as inspiration though, they look quite nice. Thanks for sending em over.

Update: Emojis mostly removed. Left the lock emoji in the title as it's sort of part of the logo, but everything else has been replaced by a . Let me know if it looks better. Thanks for the feedback again!

Boring CTA
Boring Placeholder Text for email form
Boring Hero Text
Pricing all look the same at a glance, would be great to visually make the pro & enterprise stick out.

No offence, just trying to be roast boldly :)

Well I did ask for a roast so it's all fair! Any specific suggestions on how to make the boring elements less boring?

I feel the same about the pricing, will see if I can play around with some colors to make each one stand out a bit more

Thanks for the input

Maybe something a little playful for the CTA

"Magic? I'm ready!"
"Magic Link? I'm In!"
"OTP Magic? Let's go!"


"Magic starts with your email..."
"Drop your email here..."
"Where should we send the magic?"
"Ready for the magic? One Email away..."

And re pricing having a visual element is nice like

Small 🌱
Medium 🌿
Big 🌳

Just showing some kind of growth.


Great ideas. Will see if I can incorporate them somehow after I wake up tomorrow

Alright so:

  1. For the playfulness stuff, I heavily considered this but I think context is key here and boring may actually be a good thing - as @sponno mentioned above, it's an authentication service I'm building, so I definitely don't want to appear too "playful" with people's login information by adding emojis everywhere or using this kind of wording. It would be different if I were building some meme generator or almost anything else that doesn't focus on user privacy/security. That said, I took your advice and improved the CTA slightly: "Try for Free" instead of "Signup"

  2. I do think the pricing table could stand to be improved though, and I noticed some alignment issues with the pricing table on mobile anyway though, so I'm going to see what I can do to address your comment there while fixing the layout on mobile. It's a fair point about the pricing looking too similar.

Thanks again for the feedback, very helpful to think through these things

1 - on second thought, makes total sense, the underlying goal is security and trust not fun.

2 - great!