Roast my very first ever public product

I still haven't launched publicly or officially.
I am working with final styling touches to make the resource usable by others.

While I do, any feedback?

Things I know so far:
1. The suggest link doesn't go anywhere.
2. The site is not responsive.
3. Categories page needs styling.
4. Individual listing pages need styling.

Hi David! 👋🏻 Congratulations on the DFE! I imagine you've already put a lot of work into it. While browsing, I had some ideas. Maybe you'll like (or not) some of them:

  1. Brief Descriptions for Each Service: Include concise descriptions along with the logo and link for each service. This can help users quickly understand what each service offers and how it can be useful to them as expatriates.
  2. Highlighted Benefits: I think it would be interesting to highlight at least one specific benefit of each service, such as ease of opening bank accounts, legal assistance, etc.
  3. Email for News: Perhaps set up a place for users to register their emails. This way, you could send updates about new services and keep the audience engaged and informed. Plus, it might also be a way to sell something.
  4. Future | Community Aspect: Will there be a community feature on or outside the website? I think a platform or group for users to interact, share experiences, or get advice could be really valuable.

A reference I have in mind while writing (1 and 2) is the which is also a collection of resources, but for students.

Again, take this as a grain of salt. 🧂
All the best! :)

Thank you so much Eduardo! @educbraga Obrigado!
1. This one makes a lot of sense. I had considered this for the next version. I wanted to keep the bar really low for v1. Thanks you!
2. This is a cool idea. I think it will give users a lot of value.
3. This one will def come in my next version.
4. Also a cool idea for my next version for sure.

The reference you gave definitely helps me understand your suggestions better. Thank you for taking the time!

You're welcome, David! De nada! 🚀 Keep it up!

Hey David,

How'd you know I was thinking to move to Denmark? ;-) Awesome site, couple ideas.

  1. I agree with Eduardo about the brief description - I have no idea what I'm clicking on when a link takes me to a listing
  2. You mentioned knowing about the usability issues, so I won't go into detail about the breadcrums, how the search input box is so small, etc. 😜
  3. You'll make it easier on yourself and the user if you give more structure to the suggestion box. I.e., don't make the category a free input, make it a select box, etc.
  4. It'd be awesome to place the resources on a map of where to find them. I know not all would have a location, but for those that have a location, that'd be cool. I tend to go to Google Maps, zoom in and then find the resources in the area.
  5. +1 for Eduardo's 3 & 4

Hi Martijn! I've been living in Denmark for almost 6 years, so do ask me any questions you may have :)

  1. I see what you mean. I'll include a short description of each listing so you know what you are clicking.

  2. I will add breadcrumbs and make the search input larger (I had not given those any thought, so thank you!).

  3. That is a good suggestion. I will implement it.

  4. I gave this a thought a long time ago when I thought about building this, but in all honesty, most listings are either online resources or have multiple locations (like supermarkets). I may need to re-think this suggestion if the site grows.

  5. Thanks!

Thank you for taking the time to provide me with your suggestions. I really appreciate it, Martijn.

Echo all the other feedback, plus I think this page could have some better formatting:…

I think it looks awkward when all of the elements span the full screen. I'd try to center them to make them line up with the header and add some padding between elements. There should definitely be vertical padding between each list item

Hi Ben,
Thanks for your feedback! I fully agree and understand what you mean. Styling those pages is a top priority of my list :)

Looks really nice, not much use for me as I am a dane 😅.

The "categories" list has some tailwind dark: classes which makes it so the text disappears until I hover the individual categories. Dont know if this is part of the "Categories page needs styling." The same problem appears for the main search box, for me it has a dark background

Other than that I really like the cute design of the page - have suggested some items also :)

Thanks a lot Alexander! I am using DaisyUI and the mobile sidebar and search components are DaisyUI components which come with their default dark modes. I need to disable those. Thanks for letting me know :)
Also, thank you for the suggestions you have made. Much appreciated! I've been sick for a couple of days and have about 50 suggestions to add to the site, so I'll get there soon enough.