Roast my Shopify app, Bag

Hey everyone πŸ‘‹

Just for some context, my product is a plugin for Shopify stores (so might not resonate with everyone), but here goes!


1. Can you clearly understand what my product does?

2. From a shopper's perspective, do you think Bag could influence you to purchase more products?

3. Any other feedback is appreciated!

Thanks everyone πŸ™Œ

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Hey @ryanpwaldon,

First congratulations! Sounds like a really nice app for SHopify. I always wantred to try creating a Shopify app, but never tooke the time.

  • Anyway, yeah I understand what your app does : it give you offers in relations with the current article you have in your shopping list.

  • From a shopper perspective, yeah can be usefull!

    • Really love your Landing Page and all the gifs!

Thanks Florian!

If you're ever looking to get started with Shopify app dev, I recommend building and launching a very simple (no expectations) app that includes the basics (shopify paid plans, managing shop accounts, the app store review process, etc).

You'll learn a lot along the way – in particular, the possibilities / limitations of the Shopify APIs, app submission process, etc – and more importantly, you'll probably end up saving some time (I would have) 😁

Anyway, glad you like it, and very happy to see you understand it clearly 😊

Brace for impact.

I have nothing to say about this that would roast it. But since I'm already here I didn't want to leave this uncommented, so I'll just say I really like everything about this product!

Can't complain with this response, thanks so much Maxim! πŸ˜„

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Nice product and good-looking landing page.

Maybe this feedback is irrelevant for your target audience, but I would love to see a comparison between your product and shopify's default checkout.

  • What are the differences?
  • How would I benefit from it?
  • What is my ROI

Hadn't thought of this, but I like the idea – will look into adding a comparison table of some sort in the future πŸ‘

For context, Shopify carts vary from store to store (depends on the store's theme), but they all generally have the same basic features.

Thanks Frank!

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Truly excellent execution, can't really roast it. I don't use shopify, but id be asking myself about what the alternatives are.

One thing I can say (and it was hard to find such a thing):
The first gif is too small to be read on mobile. I would consider cropping it on mobile to just show the right 50% of the video, zoomed in.

Appreciate it David!

A comparison / alternatives table is on the list! Thanks for reinforcing it πŸ‘

I like the crop idea (similar to Notion?). I've added a fullscreen button for now.. But I'll consider a mobile optimised version later down the track πŸ™‚

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