Roast my saas product—no mercy

hey there! plz, roast my project—GC, AI revenue generation app for startups and influencers/creators. you can read more on the website.

I'd like to know your thoughts about the product, would you use it, maybe smth is unclear or needs improvement. and yes, no mercy hah—really need to know your opinion :)

No real comment on the idea itself, but will comment on the site itself.

I'm on a decently specced laptop (32GB RAM, 5GHz CPU), and this website is performing horribly. Scroll feels janky, things run at low fps and generally doesn't feel very snappy. Not great for something that seemingly has no animated/media heavy parts?

I looked at the tab in my about:processes on firefox and it's using between 300 and 500 MB of RAM. There is absolutely no functionality on this site that needs that many resources. Flutter is hindering you here. It's useful if you're converting a mobile app to web, but for this website it's making for a terrible experience. You'd be better served by a web-first tool.

Yeah, I know about this problem :( we're using flutterflow for the app and website, and ff has problems with performance. hope in the nearest future we'll switch our website to smth more website-oriented. thanks for your feedback :)

You said no mercy so here's a cold shower:

  1. Performance is absolutely terrible as @nikspyratos mentioned. 99% of people will just close the tab instead of waiting 5-10s for the site to load. I can recommend Astro + Vue/React/whatever your preferred frontend framework is as a replacement, it will be blazing fast vs. whatever bloated implementation is going on here with FlutterFlow (never heard of that, it's probably not very well supported or widely used)

  2. The hero header and all the text under that doesn't make any sense. I have no idea what "the first AI-powered revenue generation for startups & influencers" means, sounds like a bunch of buzzword bullshit. Use much simpler language and explain exactly what that means. From what I can gather reading the rest of your website you basically just match influencers with startups that can pay for that kind of advertising, is that right? If so, I'd word it very simply i.e. "Find influencers to promote your startup" or something like that, not "AI-powered revenue generation" which is way too generic and doesn't tell me anything.

  3. Why is the website called GC? The domain is begc. Then going to your privacy policy it's called GameChanger which I guess is what GC stands for. Pick one name and stick with it across your domain, legal docs, and app header, otherwise it erodes trust