Roast my SAAS Homepage

Hey @all_over_the_place I tried it, and the "Try it" button is super cool! This is a neat product, and I actually would've loved this at the agency I worked at previously, but in the spirit of the roast, what's the difference between this and taking a screenshot on my mac? & for the price point.

The demo videos and graphics are super slick. It looks really well put together.

Do you have any social proof that you can include? Like # of users, "as seen in", or maybe testimonials from people that like it?

Thanks Luke. This makes me feel good.

I used to take screenshots and post it on Slack too. and It's ok for small projects. Once you have multiple projects how do I track whats resolved or not in one place? You need a place to triage as a dev as well. How to collaborate on a single bug with the team? The tool is designed to be collaborative that way. You can assign teams to projects and go up and down in the comments section on a single bug if needed. Plus it captures other metadata about the reporter's system and also captures console logs.

In short this is for larger projects and for teams larger than 2-3 people I think.

and I have no social proof as I have just launched it :-)