Roast my Productized Sponsor Outreach service

What if newsletter creators could have sponsors come right to them?

A few years ago, I created a few Facebook groups and newsletters.

I loved operating them.

They grew in size and over time, I was approached by companies who wanted to PAY ME to reach the community members.

I graciously accepted a few small deals...

I was a n00b at all of this.

but wouldn't it be great if I could scale up?

I worked to create a super-simple process to reach-out cold to sponsors and sell them.

I had a designer friend make an awesome Rate Sheet with:

  • Info about our community's demographics
  • Stats on # of members, open rates, click-through
  • Ad spots available
  • Testimonials from previous sponsors

I found companies already advertising to my target audience and pitched them, met over zoom and closed a bunch.

A few months back, I even closed a billion-dollar Enterprise company. I was stoked. (and still am).

Now I want to create a "productized service" from my process.

The TL;DR is a service that works with online creators to create awesome marketing materials, then go execute on them and sell.

We'd take a cut of each intro that leads to a deal.

additional opportunities could be selling a database of both creators and sponsors, courses on creating ad packages, sales, and more.

so now, WIP-ers, I ask for YOUR feedback on this idea. Please feel free to poke holes and give me your honest criticism.

What could work right? What could go wrong?

I've got a basic landing page up at

I'm clearly in the validation stage at the moment :-)

Thanks! Stetson

You have a lot

of blank spaces

in your post

it's quite hard to read 😂

So, some things I want to point on your Landing Page :
- The colors: the gradient effect is cool, BUT you are using too much of them! Choose one main gradient, and stick to it.
- The font size and color: It's complicated to read the text because the font size is too small and white with a light gradient... tough to read
- It's not great for accessibility and your SEO!
- Too many blank spaces! The first section is great, but then the other sections have way too much blank space. It makes me scroll and scroll and scroll... put all your pieces of information in a single section.
- You have a get in touch form + an email link just under the form. Choose the form OR the email link (I prefer email link, nobody likes forms)
- Don't forget to add a favicon 😊

Hi Steven,

Interesting concept. Unfortunately, I think it's buried in all the empty space on the site. You have a three-step process. That should indicate "easy" to the person visiting the site. However, because there is so much space between each step it not only feels hard, but it discourages me from continuing to scroll. Ideally, this could be a site that has everything above the fold.

Good luck!