Roast my podcasting community landing page


I just launched a paid community for podcasters.

We have been running on a private-beta mode for about a month and 40 members.

We want to launch it next week on Product hunt so I need feedback on our website:

You're welcomed to roast it :)

Hello, Anna.

First, congratulations on your landing page.
It is clean looking site with a cute logo.

I just scanned the website, and here's my thought.

  1. It's unclear that why people need to choose Racoon aside from other podcast community? . What's the difference?
  2. How would the membership subscription improve my podcast? (it's also unclear for me but probably because I don't have one.)
  3. maybe first section is too much plain text. I gave up reading after 5 second.

With that said, it's my opinion after all. It looks good anyway. 👏

If you want other's opinion, you can privately talk to @alexanderkluge. He has roasted many landing pages.

Hello Anna.
Congratulations on the landing page. I liked a lot the icon.

Some things to improve:

  1. The popup looks weird over the text because it's the same color as the background. I suggest to not use a popup and just add the form directly to the page or at least change the color of the popup.

  2. Increase the page max-width and add more space between columns on the section "What People Say" to look better on big screens. It's just a small detail not super important.

  3. I couldn't understand what is the benefit of the subscription. When I read "easy workflows for podcasters" I thought it was a tool that does something automatically. Then from the text seems that you do manually set up for the client. And on this post you said it's a "paid community for podcasters"...
    If it's a community: Why should a podcaster join your community?
    I suggest instead of focus on what you do, try to explain the benefit the user gets: "Where is why you should join our community", and explain what problem it solves.

If you make the text more clear I am sure you will have a successful launch.

Also, if it's a community say on the page how many members are already in. From the page seems that it's only you two.

Hey Anna,

The page looks crisp. Good job on that.
Some things that I think might benefit from some improvement:

#1 The popup hits me as soon as I enter the website. This makes no sense as I had no chance to get familiar with your offer. So, time the popup differently (e.g. 60 seconds after someone enters your website) or set it to appear on the exit or halfway through the website.

#2 Also regarding the pop up, it blends with the rest of the website and that's because of its color. Maybe change the bg color of the popup or add some border to make it stand out from the rest of the website.

#3 In the description, you said that's a community website. From your H1 and subheading, I'd assume it's a consulting business. Maybe try to communicate (directly) that it's a community that'll help you achieve X, Y, Z that you outline.

#4 In your copy (before the fold) you write from the "We" standpoint. Maybe, instead of such approach, try to re-write the copy so it hits your visitors from "You" standpoint. E.g. instead of "Here's what we do" -> "Here's what you get".

#5 Try to focus more on the benefit (the "why" part) instead of what. Right now, you communicate what the person will get but from the copy there's no clear benefit backing up these claims.

#6 It's awesome that you include some testimonials and I think you should stick with them but the ones that are on your website are quite long (for the landing page) and because of the layout, they blend with each other. Maybe try a different layout iwth shorter testimonials. Try to distill the best sentence or two from each. Check out Basecamp's landing page and how they tackle it ( or Fomo's ( approach to testimonials.

#7 Is the lack of the CTA before the fold intentional?

#8 Consider changing the CTA (the one that you have right now is "Get Started) to something more actionable, like "Launch Your Podcast".

Hope you'll find any of this helpful!
And good luck on your PH campaign. Make sure to drop here a link so I can upvote it :)