Roast my new project 👀

First day AND first post on - so what's a better way to start off then to get roasted 🔥😂

Cool website!

Some random suggestions:
- "Collection of stunning websites made with no code" as a site headline (with no subheadline). Not selly, exactly to the point
- Move "browsing all inspiration" after headline (cause we read from top to bottom) and change it to tabs like "All websites", "Made with Framer", "Made with Tilda" etc so it's be easier
- "(checkmark) Verified 2 hours ago" >> "2 hours ago"
- "skip the approval queue" and subtitle >> "skip the queue, get featured faster"
- rewrite "remove rel=nofollow" so the text will answer the question "what do I get from paying for this", like from user's value perspective
- newsletter widget text sound clear and attractive, text on a separate "newsletter" sound vague and selly. if you want users to sign up to some kinda community, just say precisely what are they getting: "join our groupchat where you can ask questions about building you own site with no code" or something like that

That's really good advice, thank you @appdrop !

What's the reasoning behind changing:
"(checkmark) Verified 2 hours ago" >> "2 hours ago"

What do you mean with:
newsletter widget text?

Regarding the newsletter, yeah I think I have to remove the whole community thing. Tbh, I let ChatGPT write that thing. The newsletter is probably just going to send them the top sites of that week, or something along those lines.

Anyway, appreciate your time!

Less clutter for date label. If some websites aren’t verified and some are that does make sense, but maybe I didn’t understand why it’s important to verify website, maybe that’s important for selling verifications. Idk

By widget I mean a block with news teller subscriptions form on a main page

Ah of course, yeah the icon already implies it's "verified".

Noted on the newsletter. Thanks so much, I'll update a few things here and there!

Added some of your suggestions. Thx again :)!

Wow! Stoked to be of help!