Roast my new AI product

I built an app to help you use ChatGPT and Stable Diffusion inside any mac apps (

My main pain point using ChatGPT has been navigating back-and-forth between the web tab, and the native apps (XCode, text editor etc...)

So I'm trying to integrate ChatGPT and Stable Diffusion into my workflow.

So far my best use case has been to generate blog post + main image in Notes app (or TextEdit), and having a kind of Github copilot while coding inside XCode.

Would love to hear your feedback about the idea. And how do you think AI can improve your current workflow?

For example, if I wanted to niche down this idea and support a few specific apps, what do you think it would be?

Thank you 🙏

Being able to access GPT-4 anywhere seems super useful. However, for me those triggers words never feel that intuitive. I'd much prefer having auto-complete like Copilot provides. You just type and see suggestions you can tab to auto-complete. That feels a lot more natural.

As for the "roast", there's A LOT of competition in this market. And all apps seem to do roughly the same thing. I think it will be very hard to build a competitive business, if your main selling point is providing a keyword trigger for the OpenAI APIs.

I'd really niche it down to something specific (sorry, not sure what that should be). Or come up with a more streamlines UX that's harder to replicate.

The direction going forward really depends on your unique strengths and interests. I'd focus on those.

Having said all that, major props for shipping this! Most people get stuck at the idea phase. You actually delivered. Now all you need to do is keep going 🙌

+1 to what Marc said – the internet is flooded with products right now that all do some version of “We pre-prompt your prompt and give you no-code access to GPT API”

That’s good, iff you have a niche non-technical market you can reach better/cheaper/faster/moretargeted than competitors. Or as Marc said, you make the integration suuuuper buttery smooth for your target users in an existing app they’re already using.

For example: I would love a ChatGPT interface inside VSCode that understands the entire context of at least the local file, full project would be even better, and is as easy to use as TypeScript-based autocomplete.

But even if that existed, my head of security would never let me use it 💩

Thanks Swizec. I actually have a same idea, but not sure if I could make it better than Github copilot haha.

As of security/privacy, I think a paid opensource could work. WDYT? :D

Really depends on the ToS. Security officers will always have strong opinions around sending NDA'd code and data to 3rd party services. Us engineers have all sorts of scary access levels :)

Thanks a lot for your reply, @marc. And I agree with everything you said.

I gave myself 1 week to ship this product and would then collect feedback from my early customers. Hopefully I could find some niche use case that make this really useful.

Otherwise, yeah, it's quite hard to build a competitive business with the current feature.