Roast my latest launch, StartupCrowns

Please, burn it to the ground!

Last week, I launched it and it should explain itself. Otherwise, that is already a fail.

Thanks a lot for the heat ❤️‍🔥

Love the confetti! I'm a bit confused what the percentage means and the up caret is probably less clear than a +. I'm not sure what total community means either. Over what period is that percentage? The 8 decimal point accuracy of the percentage doesnt seem relevant to me and feels like noise. I think number of community members added is probably more meaningful as an added figure. Looks great, love the idea of crowns, keep up the great work!

Thanks David, I think you hit the hammer on the head. The percentages are daily growth, but very unclear. I could show the growth in numbers, but that would only benefit projects with already a lot of followers. The idea is to promote smaller projects. So 10 followers + 5 is 50% growth. I am going to fix the percentages and show will change community to followers. Great feedback, thanks again!

Gotcha! I saw the upside of using percentages to promote smaller players - curious to see whether those dominate or whether its a balance or some sort of minimum follow cliff is needed or some sort of 'big leagues' 'small leagues' split is needed. Guess we will find out. I meant an absolute figure as an addition to the percentage - 50% means a lot more if its thousands of people rather than 2 and I thought that might be additional impressiveness, although im not sure what your goal is with the site. Is it great product discovery for consumers or promotion for products focused? (or both)

Yeah, the idea of the percentage is to give newcomers a leg up. In the end, the site is more geared towards new projects with a small following. Wouldn't expect the established projects to list themselves, they have more important stuff to do :) But, would be cool if some of the small projects will become big! Would be nice to know and share what their strategy was and maybe could do some interviews in the future.

Currently, I have some really small projects (2 followers) and I am going to create a 50 followers cliff/threshold. I already notice that going from one to two is 100% growth (see today) and that isn't really useful and fair to others. Will fix this tomorrow.

Started to redesign the page with your comments. Stil WIP but happy to add the graphs on the homepage. Will have a hover which shows the graph + percentage growth. Have to play a bit with this.

Built with Vue 🖖

I agree with David – I think the issue for me was that, once I closed the modal, I kinda forgot what the site was about, so I had to go to your about page to figure it out again. Also agree that the decimal points could be reduced. I don't think I'm part of your market (I don't even browse PH that often), but apart from that, I think the site looks really nice, and the company profile pages give me clear insights 😁

Great Ryan, I was afraid it doesn't communicate well on it's own. That's why I added the modal, but isn't sufficient. I am going to improve this. I will also remove the PH reference. I thought it was fun, but doesn't add much. The platform is to give insights about startups growth on social media over time. I should focus more on the 'why do some do well and what did they do', so it becomes more educational. Great validation Ryan!

What is total community? Do you mean members?

I think it's the total amount of followers on all platforms. Maybe it should be changed to "total followers"?

Community is followers indeed. Will change it to followers. Much better :)

It does explain itself. However, it's not self-evident, and the explanations had to be sought by me. I go on the site, and the only thing I can guess from the name and percentage-ordered list of some products is, that it's an ordered project list.

But I had questions and only found them after doing "relatively" much research (speaking in terms of average internet user with short attention span):

  • How does it order the projects? (after reading the about page I understood it's growth based)
  • What's the "community" of a project?
  • How do I participate?

Other questions that I also have:

  • Why should I care as a product maker?
  • Why should I care as a no-product-maker? Also, if I can't care as a non-product-maker, I won't probably care as a product maker, cause I'm not interested to get eyes on my projects of people who are unlikely to use it cause they're way too busy doing their own stuff.
  • Why is daily relative growth rate a good metric to sort those projects?

PS.: Segments pie chart makes simple numbers look complicated IMHO
PPS.: The page layout somehow makes me think I'm on a gambling/scam/advertising site or smth, not sure. Probably cause it's dark + has projects arranged kinda banner like

Thank you Maxim, so valuable and clear!

"How does it order the projects? (after reading the about page I understood it's growth based)"
I changed this now to daily follower growth instead of a percentage. I hope this will make it more clear.

"What's the "community" of a project?"
This has changed to "followers" because it was indeed confusing and the wrong way to name it.

"How do I participate?"
There is a page where you can submit your startup. But this could be much more promoted on the homepage. I am thinking of using some of the 'cells' to add some call to actions.

"Why should I care as a product maker?" & "Why should I care as a no-product-maker?"
This one is my favourite because it is damn hard to answer. It is a chicken vs egg indeed, and when product makers don't care about it, it will not work. Of course, it is about free eyeballs for the makers, and hopefully, none-makers find it interesting to discover new projects. When it works, it could be interesting for investors and have educational value.

"Why is daily relative growth rate a good metric to sort those projects?"
The main idea is to give early-stage projects a leg up. With percentage growth this is possible, and they will benefit, but also make space for new projects. If 'new followers' would be the metric, the bigger ones will always end on top. You can win crowns and get promoted on the leaderboard, so it becomes a competition where the smaller ones most likely win. Kind of a gamification/ gimmick, but hopefully fun and motivating.

"Segments pie chart makes simple numbers look complicated IMHO"
Thank you! I am going to fix this asap.

"The page layout somehow makes me think I'm on a gambling/scam/advertising site or smth, not sure. Probably cause it's dark + has projects arranged kinda banner like"
Very good and I can see this now. Also, the logos make it a bit too commercial maybe? Going to play with this a bit.

Thanks so much, Maxim, really great questions and helpful.

Thanks for all the amazing feedback. I have tried to tackle most of them and getting close. I am going to spend some time to give back to this amazing community!

Really cool page and fun to look at how they have been doing plus adds the competitive edge and desire to post our startup and compete :)
It does feel a little broad, hard to know when and if I should post our startup. Questions that came to mind- Should we be around as long as the ones here? What specifically is measured and how is it measured? Where are the new startups?

Hi Luke, thanks for your feedback!

"Questions that came to mind- Should we be around as long as the ones here?"
What do you mean, exactly? Do you mean how long your startup is alive or published/visible on the website?

"What specifically is measured and how is it measured?"
This should be much more clear! Happy to hear this. We measure percentage social media growth. So, the fewer followers you have, the better chances you earn crowns and these are being used on the (in dev) leaderboard and used as a weight.

"Where are the new startups?"
They are all pretty new and on the leaderboard, you will be able to sort/filter on country; founded date; categories; crowns; etc. etc. I think it will become more useful and clear once the leaderboard is up and running. We are still in beta and need some startups to test and earn crowns. Since we don't have many startups listed, it will be easier to earn crowns. The more startups join the harder it becomes...just in case you want to join ;)