Roast my landing page - Perligo

I set this side project aside for too long. Coming back to it in earnest now and I'm starting with a completely rebuilt landing page. Would love to get candid feedback on how the landing page works for you, what you like, what you hate. All of it. 

Hey @polluterofminds ! :)

Some fonts are too light
I don't think the first images (a girl reading a book) are relevant to your product
Your Process is not corectly displayed on mobiledevices
Maybe you should add more informations? Is it free? Some examples?

I don't know how I missed these comments! Thank you so much for the reply. I'll be sure to address the font weights. Totally agree on the images. I'm definitely replacing those with mockups of the app itself soon.

Hola, like the idea! But not exactly sure for who it is and what it is about. Maybe add some more examples or user-stories? Is it for writes, designers and also tech people?

I think the different sections with imagery, fonts and process could be more unified. It seems there is no correlation between size and importance. For example, "Collaborate. Communicate. Create." could be much bigger font. The super large image of the girl reading and much smaller image below of the guy typing and process images are or too small or big and should have kind unity in size?

Maybe go more condensed and add a main container with a fixed width, instead of going fully fluid?

Interesting idea!

Thanks Adriaan! I'm seeing a theme with these responses which is really great. I can work with consistent feedback!

Hey! Creative writing minor chiming in here- I signed up soon as I figured out what this was. Really excited for your project because I've learned in the current day how beneficial it was to have writing deadlines and critique groups. It's VERY difficult to get that in real life without organizing so this loooooks dope.
My roast goes with the first line- i needed to figure out what this was and how it worked some. It says for creators but that's too broad because there is music, video, so darn much and those workflows would look different I think?
If you are set up for all those- maybe be clearer on how it works for them. If you are envisioning writers- say writers, not creators. the image doesn't tell that story right away for me and it takes the next section and reading who it's for and how it works in the last section.

Hey Luke! Thanks so much for this thoughtful reply. I received my MFA in creative writing a couple years ago, so this project stems from problems I saw in writing groups and getting feedback.

I do want this to be for writers of all types, but your point makes sense. It seems like it can be for any creative field. But this is really for poetry, prose, comic writers, screenwriters, non-fiction writers. I'll be sure to clarify that.

And totally agree on the illustrations. I seriously need to put some mockups together and throw those up because the illustrations are way too abstract. Thanks for the push :) And thanks for signing up!

Maybe for the illustrations draw from a funny creative writing experience you had and have an illustrator doodle a cartoon scene? Idk- i would feel like, hey this guy gets it while also letting me feel comfortable with the brand because its vulnerable.

That's a really good idea. I do know an illustrator too. Based on yours and other people's feedback, I quickly threw together some mockups today. Got a couple up on the landing page now:

Hey, here are my first reactions
* It looks nice and clean
* I can't understand who's the target audience, writing is too vague
* The buttons "Learn More" and "Get Notified" are disturbing. I don't need a button to scroll down, and I'm not sure why I would want to get notified (about what?)
* The group feature needs to be buffed up: am I supposed to come with my own group? how will you help me find a group?
* The icons in the process shouldn't be so far apart, on a big screen it's difficult to read
* I want to see what the critiques look like, it's more interesting to showcase how we'll collaborate than it is to know that you can invite people
* "Join the waiting list and get updates on Perligo's launch progress." Would your audience be interested by some kind of tips (writing, making a good critique, whatever) and would you be able to provide them? Or are you sure that the launch progress is enough for your target audience?

For some reasons I don't get notified of responses, so I'm really sorry to have missed this for so long. Great feedback. I'll be updating and incorporating that into the next iteration. Really appreciate you taking the time!