Roast my landing page, go hard, I need it!

Hey everyone!

I worked for months on  #indiesreadit with selling the codebase as a starter kit in mind...

Now I'm ready to ship it and I just crafted a landing page using mainly PageUI, an OSS NextJs boilerplate made by @d4m1n !

I know I'm not good at copywriting and I have a huge tunnel vision on this project so a good roast would be awesome!

Go hard, I'm a though guy!

Thanks 🫡

First, you didn't share a link, so I assume it's

I immediately love it! I wasn't expecting something so polished like this, and it looks even more user friendly than Goodreads. Immediately eye-catching and gives me tons of dopamine, so well done!

This is a really self-explanatory site, so I don't feel like you need a lot of copy on this anyway. (Which I'm a little bummed about because I'm a copywriter and love shredding copy lol.)

I like that you niched down to solopreneurs and indie hackers. Whether you keep it niche like this or eventually expand it, it's good to build a strong foundation to gain traction in the beginning.

If you have a different page in mind, definitely share that, though!

Oh wow I'm such an idiot sometimes 😂

Actually it was for #directoryfast ( but it looks like a good error!
I'm glad you liked IndiesReadIt and I'm really happy you find this visually appealing.

Thank you ☺️

This makes more sense! And of course I now see the project tag on the right 🤣

I've been click-clacking all day researching and writing for clients, so I'll come back and look to give you feedback later when I'm not half asleep.

Whoops look like I forgot the main thing!

Here's the link to #directoryfast Landing Page :


Quick random thoughts:
* first, IMO there should a big "demo" / "view example" button there:
* here the gradient just feels weird to me:
* I'd switch black with white color for the text:
* there is a serious contrast issue with the colors you choose. It's just impossible for me to read.
* use white here as well:
* same contrast issue on the first part of the text:
* colors could be tweaked here as well, contrast is not great:

I didn't test the darkmode, I'm such a noob xD

It's way better in normal mode, but thanks for the roast and the ideas!

Ok! FYI I didn't enable any dark-mode or whatever. I clicked on your link and this is how it displayed for me.

The subscribe pop-up made me want to quit the website. Maybe open it a bit later?

I increased to 15seconds, was 6. Thanks Dmytro :)

Hello, Dany!

I made a recording for you. It's a 8-minute recording so I hope it won't be too long.…

Wow that's a roast!

That's exactly what I needed, thank you so much for taking that much of your time, this is a goldmine 😮

I'm currently finishing documentation for the boilerplate itself but I'm impatient to start modify my landing page.

Can I share this video here and on Twitter, this is perfect for #buildinpublic ?

Hi, Dany! Absolutely, feel free to share this video if you think it could be helpful to someone.

Canvid working perfectly btw, good job!