Roast my IG-like story as a landing page (mobile-first UX) 🤳

I am working on a webapp to create interactive IG-like stories & share them anywhere as a URL! Just created a landing page as a story to show you what we are up to - would be amazing to get your feedback on it 🤓

I like the idea, and it looks great, but I'm not sure how I would use it.

We, as creators, want to tell everyone about all the features we've built, but we should remember the perspective of our audience.

I'm a complete marketing newbie. So, my recommendation would be to include examples that I can browse through, which are accompanied by an explanation of the behavior these stories are trying to drive.

Seeing the tool being used to create an outcome would help me understand the value proposition.

Many thanks for your answer & glad you like the idea 😁

Actually, my goal here was to test the "Landing Page" use case - Do you think it gets the job done? Would you consider using a Once story for your own landing page?

About outcomes, I have beta users using Once for:
- User Research…
- Lead Generation…
- Customer Success…

I'd say the common VP is "Engage your audience with style"

But you're right: it's still too generic - actually I'm looking for user feedback to better understand which use case brings more value!

Would be great to have your views on that!

Personally, I think I'd need the following features for a landing page.

  • Custom branding
  • No automatic page-turning; thus, no timer
  • I need to see how people interacted-with/answered my questions.
  • I want to build a tree of answers that lead to other questions, maybe even other Once stories.
  • I need to be able to capture their email.

How far along are you? You might already have these features, so I might be saying things you already know. 😁

I'd say we're right in the middle of addressing these features:

  • Custom branding, data visualisation & ability to capture an email: all these features are integrated in our beta
  • No timer: done for desktop view but we've kept it for an IG-like mobile view
  • Build a tree of answers...: in our roadmap!

Thks for this great feedback!