Roast: - Intuitive tool to find the most efficient texts on your landing site

Hi there!

Currently, I'm on the final steps before launching my first version of #juggler  

Before this I would like to know a few things:
  1. Is my landing page comfortable and clear?
  2. Did you get how to create your first a/b test?
  3. Do you find it useful for you or what makes you stop integrating it?
Landing site:

Thanks for your time and feel free to write any feedback!

For some context: I clicked through to the site with no knowledge of what your app did. For me I couldn't quite determine the purpose well enough with the main CTA text "Intuitive tool to find the most efficient texts on your site" I guess what it is missing to me is what is the goal, as the text would only be efficient depending on the goal. I feel like it needs more emphasis on what pain point it is trying to solve for your target audience.

Thanks a lot, Spencer! You are right, I will take care about it more.