Roast + Feedback on Lokus

Lokus is a tool that aims to make launching and writing content to a personal website as easy as creating a Twitter account and Tweeting. 

I would love to have some feedback on the tool from fellow creators here.

The landing itself is WIP, but I'm looking for feedback on the product itself. Please sign up on and use the app to a launch a website, publish some content and let me know your feedback :)

At first glance, it looks appealing, but unfortunately, it doesn’t fulfill the goals of a high converting landing page. It’s hard to grasp the actual benefits and how it works. If you’re interested in a radically honest review that you can take into account, I’m ready to provide one for you.

The landing page itself is a WIP. I was hoping if you could the app itself. Will surely, take your offer on honest review once I have the landing page.

I think there should be a demo that opens up.

Absolutely. Working on that

I didnt fully get the offering in a glance, "share your ideas" is too abstract.

Thanks Ashwin, the landing page is work in progress. Have you tried the app itself?