Roast + Feedback on

I'm the Creator of which is an open-source, decentralized and permissionless social media app built with Lens Protocol 🌿

Web app:

PS: We have 21.6K stars on GitHub, also if anyone wants access to Hey DM me on Twitter 😉

First thought: Knowing nothing about the Lens Protocol, why would I use this?

In other words, are you gearing this towards people already in the dapp space or more generally?

Initial thoughts:
1. Great domain name
2. Not so great copy text on the homepage. I don’t understand why I would use this over another social network like X, Threads, Mastodon, etc. I'd suggest adding some comparisons (add a "hey vs. X" page and so on) to other popular social networks and show how yours is better/different.
3. Not familiar with the Lens protocol, what makes it useful for this use case?

  1. Thanks, it was a tough auction!
  2. Agreed, it was very early and still available to a very closed group, so we didn't focus much on copy, but we will spend this week or next to make it better. Also great idea to add a comparison page between Legends and Hey
  3. Their website explains a lot

Thanks for the amazing feedback 🙏

On point 3, it will be useful for Hey to contain its own explainers and how it benefits the usage of Hey (or other benefits in general). "Go read over here" doesn't provide the necessary context on your own app in relation to the protocol, which is what is missing here. In other words, I'd say the same thing whether it was Lens, ActivityPub, or any other protocol: users need to see it through the lens (haha) of your app.