Quick Logging - Roast my pricing model

Based on the features you find on the front page what do you think of the pricing models (bottom of the page). Are the models fair? Are the models too high or too low? Do you understand what the product does?
Thank you.

Hey Bernhard - What would be the difference between this and google forms for example. I've read the page and the about. From what I can tell the difference is friendly URLs and that I can add this as an app on my Iphone. Is that correct?

Sorry if I misunderstood but don't want to comment on pricing without understanding the product!

I think you named it, but I never used Google Forms so I can't really tell you the difference (they probably have way more features). Thank you for the input, will check out Google Forms.
Future plans for me are e. g. templates and offline mode.

I have seen some people using different ways to track different parameters like sleep, fast etc. I think the important value of this project is not how the users are entering the data but how you are going to show/visualise the data. You can have a better chance of convincing the users if they can see different visualisation of their activities.

In one sentence, you are not only helping the users enter the data in an easy way but also helping them get the hidden insights of their activities by showing them different visualisations of that data.

The pricing model seems fair, but I'm not entirely sure what the app is for. Is it a form? Form for what? Is it for me to track things? Is it for building apps? If it's an alternative to Google Forms, say that and I think that's a good starting point.

It's very difficult to say anything meaningful about pricing, because there's too many different use cases.

An enterprise streamlining their sales process will be getting a lot more value about it than someone logging their yoga sessions.

If your goal is to build a profitable business I'd focus on solving a particular problem as best as possible. Which probably will lead to a more specific solution than you have right now.

If you choose to stay generic, you will have a hard time answering questions about pricing, marketing, etc, as it really just depends on the use case someone happens to use it for. It's not impossible (see e.g. Zapier), but I think it's an uphill battle.

Do you have any customers yet? Which customers are getting the most value out of it? What are they using it for?