Please critique my launch steps. What should I change? Add? Remove instead? Thanks!

FYI : Just wondering if following these steps/to-dos increases my chance of success the most (or) helps me fail faster.

I feel like Create landing page, get design ready, buy domain, choose name, add payments should all be part of step 1 "Make MVP". Maybe not create landing page if you have a decent network to get feedback from but definitely the rest. The 30 people giving you feedback should be sales targets so give them a way to pay you if they like what they see.

Thanks. Makes sense adding payment for validating the idea. Changed.

The next step would be to put it into action, and revise it from what you learn. No?
btw, love this.

Yes, for sure... Just wanted something concrete to follow (and moving me in the right direction) for now while i'm starting.

I think I answered in chat. But, here is the gist. For me separating building the product from marketing activities is important. It helps me to focus and to move quickly and within budget.