Party Jenga

As a freelance developer I've been able to avoid React projects for quite some time... but now that I am searching for new clients I realized it's just not going away.

It was time to learn it.

So I made Party Jenga — A stupidly simple React app that spits out randomized drinking rules so you can turn any ol' Jenga set into a fun adult drinking game. (sorry ☒ and everyone else who is publicly anti-drinking)

If you and your friends have a Jenga set and want to play a drinking game, consider opening up a web browser and going to!

It's silly, but I enjoyed putting it together and learning some of the fundamental React stuff. Would love any feedback/advice :) — or additional rules if you can think of a good one!!

Thinking of also doing different jenga game categories... calling this one maybe "Tipsy Jenga" and maybe throwing in some other categories like "Sexy Jenga"... who knows!

EDIT — Source code can be found here: If anyone is a React expert or thinks I did something wrong I'd love a pull request to show me the way :)

I don't drink, don't play Jenga, and do not code React. So there's your disclaimer :)

But having tried the app, it seems to do what it should! The only suggestion I have right now is to allow people to add their own rules.

BTW, random monetization idea: add one rule that shows a video ad along with the text "Watch the ad, or drink to skip"