Option to make our profile private and visible only to community members ?

I'd like to have the possibility to disable search engine indexation on my profile so my wip list wouldn't be available publicly to the whole internet. Is it possible ?


I've gotten this request a few times, but have been hesitant implementing it because it complicates the codebase a lot. And if I'm going to promise privacy, I better be damn sure it works really well.

But knowing at least 4 people want it is good to know. Please forward anyone else you think might want this here, to have them add their vote.

Also, please let me know how you'd like this to work. Are you okay with sharing your todos with all signed in members (easier to implement, but less private), or do you want to approve individual people to see your activity? (harder to implement, but more private).

Just public page closed, and only for members. With a 30-day timer so people can't just sign up and stalk you, I do that on Nomad List.

It'll also increase your sign ups because you paywall/limit the site. It did for me on NL.

sharing with members is fine, just anonymous visitors can not see.

or to say it in other words. When you have your normal job and do side projects it's not always good that everybody can see this logs. but if they are also members, this should not be a problem imho.

I know this is an old thread but it's something I'd love to see added. I'd share more openly + frequently with a 'members only' privacy option.

Thanks for comment!

It's still on my radar, but it's a complicated feature to build (it breaks a lot of assumptions in the current codebase). So it's good to know how many people are interested in it đź‘Ť