Notebag 1.1.0: Bidirectional links, better navigation and more!

I'm happy to announce the availability of Notebag 1.1.0! I worked hard to add all the user requests that I have received over the past two weeks. I think this is a huge improvement over the original version of Notebag and I hope you'll enjoy it!

👉 Download v1.1.0



🔗 Bi-directional links with context. Any link you create will now have a corresponding backlink in the other note. It also has a live-updating view of the closest paragraph for context!
🗃 Note archive. If you have notes you want to get rid of, but not fully delete. Archived notes are fully searchable!
⚡️ Improved navigation. In the note overview, omnibar and archive you can now use the arrow keys to navigate. You can also press `Enter` in the search field to automatically select the first search result. You can now also press `Enter` to switch from the note title to the content!
👀 Toggle Dock icon. You can now show/hide the Dock icon based on your preferences. This allows you to Alt/Cmd-Tab to  the app like all other ones.
👓 Adjust the font size. There is an new preference that allows you to adjust the editor font size between 10 and 24 pixels. Just in case you want to get up close, or you want have more content on your screen!
🌓 Light/Dark mode shortcut. You can now toggle light or dark mode with a global keyboard shortcut! By default it is `Ctrl/Cmd-Shift-L`.
🖼 Copy images directly from Notebag. You can select images and paste them straight into Gmail, Imgur, etc.
📋 Copy markdown from your notes. If you select a piece of text from Notebag and copy it, you will get the resulting markdown in your clipboard. Makes for super easy copy-pasting to other Markdown editors.

🥳 Congrats! Looks like you also just hit 200 completed todos on WIP for Notebag!