📅 Monthly Report – April 2018

Now that we have Product Updates on WIP, I figured I'd share a monthly report. Here it goes…


Numbers are a little down compared to March. This was to be expected as we launched last month leading to a lot of new members and increased activity. Overall though, the numbers look really good. MRR is steadily increasing. 

  • ✅ 7,861 completed todo's
  • 👩‍💻 73 new members
  • 🤔 136 new questions
  • 💬 602 new answers
  • 🛠 214 new products
  • 🤑 $4,830 total revenue
  • 💰 $4,163 MRR

New features

Minor Improvements

  • Better editing of todo's and answers
  • Attach images to question answers
  • Test coverage for Stripe payments
  • Product Hunt links for product pages
  • Ruby code example for API
  • Using CSS variables
  • Media gallery to product pages
  • Improved introduction blocks to primary pages
  • Dedicated products page for maker profiles
  • Behind-the-scenes code refactoring
  • Bunch of other small stuff

What's next?

The coming month I'll focus on improving existing functionality and making WIP more welcoming to new members. Specifically:

  • Make the group chat less intimidating to new members
  • Officially launch Makers Map
  • Fix long-standing bugs and UX problems
  • Refactor wipbot code

Really like what you're doing here.

🔥 Make the group chat less intimidating to new members 🔥

I'm not sure if it's just how my brain works, but any Telegram group chat I've tried out has completely fried it within minutes 😅would love to see if you have a fix for this, until then I'll tinker away in the other areas haha.

Pretty sure it's a mind set change. Just dip in and dip out, don't try and catch up on everything.