Meet your heroes

Private webinar over Zoom with highly successful entrepreneurs. 

Guests confirmed:
  • Scott Keyes
  • Ben Tossell
  • Anne-Laure Le Cunff
  • Daniel Vassallo
The first half is an interview and then the audence can ask questons live.

Problem: Business is hard and people want to learn from successful people (see Indie Hackers as an example).

USP: You get to interact with founders you admire and ask them questions. Price removes noob questions like "how do you get ideas" maybe.

Price: $30/m with some early bird offers - maybe start at $10 then $20 etc

Hi. Paying for access to quality interviews is nothing new in the startup space. Check out Mixergy. The challenge is to distinguish what your interviews from the many podcasts etc. Good luck

In my experience you tend to get the most useful feedback from people who've been following your journey for a while and know the background of you and your business.

So while I think the idea of providing access to experts is interesting, I'm not sure how it will scale. To get real value of it, I'd want to spend time with experts on a periodic basis. Additionally, I'm not sure what keeps people from going around your service and contacting the expert directly.

hey man, sorry I just saw this. Some other people have mentioned contacting the makers - in some cases this is possible but I think others like Scott don't tend to be on twitter much.

Not sure if I get your first point though?

The best advice is personalized to your individual situation. So the better the advice-giver knows you, the more useful the advice will be.