Medium or personal blog to build an audience?

Is Medium's discoverability and traffic worth the identity loss of becoming "another medium article" when getting started?

Medium has turned into shit. Who knows how long it will even stay alive.

But why it turned into shit? Do you mean that the level of content on Medium going lower and lower or what?

They're paywalling everything. Content on medium has been mostly crap and "think pieces" for a few years now. I avoid any articles on there because they're mostly a waste of time.

Paywalling what?

Articles. You have read 3 articles this month. Lets make it official.

Also, when you write an article on Medium, its by Medium, not you. I know its worked for you pretty well but for lots of others it hasn't. Nobody knows the name of the author, they just know its on Medium by someone.

That isn't a paywall though it is a dark pattern. Click the x I think mine is up to 48 articles this month.

1st word was for the paywall ,i.e, Articles. Articles marked with star ‚≠ź

I'm using Medium 1 year+ and it's working good so far. Easy to setup, get email call to action, and you can reach some audience.

I'd say first post on your Blog then 2 weeks later post on Medium for more visibility because people read Medium a lot. Do it like @swizec does. Here in some part of the article, he says he posts it 2 weeks ago on the blog so to get articles early subscribe to his newsletter. Also, remember to set canonical url to your blog so all SEO goodies get to you.

Also, posting on Publications like FreeCodeCamp, HackerNoon, Startups, etc... gives you more visibility then posting it on your own account unless you write something exceptional.

But people won't know you until you give them many hits or a unique piece of content if they read from Medium. So it has its pros & its cons. But I'd say post it on Medium & give it canonical url to your blog.

Thanks! How do you set the canonical url to your blog? Is this something easy in the Medium post config?

Ahh I haven't done it yet. But I think its in the Settings. Checkout this articles -


Maybe they help :)