Just launched the beta for my membership plugin. What's it lacking?

We just launched our membership WordPress plugin, Member Hero on the repo.

This is a plugin that helps creators and newsletter writers turn their regular blog into a membership site with restricted content and membership tiers.

It's still very much in beta. There's a lot we have planned, but we want to hear from users first before diving head first into months of dev work. Which is why...
I'm currently looking for users to ask us tough questions and give us honest feedback.
Btw, the plugin also comes with a bunch of add-ons. I'm especially proud of our Mailchimp and content dripping add-ons. So if you'd like to check any of those out, just email me and I'll hook you up for free.

You can download the core plugin here:

And here's a series of tutorial videos to help you get started.

I don't use WordPress, so I cannot test this but the screenshots look good!

Are you beta testing this with actual users? I imagine they will have plenty of useful feedback.

Thanks Marc! Yeah, am trying to look for actual users right now. Proving surprisingly difficult to find!

Yeah I can imagine. Have you reached out to WordPress to see if they can help get you featured in their plugin directory?

Hi. I have bought and used nearly every major WP membership plugin. Member Hero looks like an interesting addition to a growing list of plugins. Hopefully, my comments are useful. In sum , I think you need to focus on differentiating the plugin and focusing in one area/audience. First, WP is all about integrations, especially to mailing lists. I think there are integrations missing for large email marketing services like MailJet. Everyone integrates with MailChimp, ConvertKit etc - maybe focus on providers with fewer integrations, but which have large audiences. If you build the integration these companies may promote to their list - which would be huge. Maybe even check out options like Sendy. Second, the profile page on Member Hero looks really good. I have never understood the seperation in many plugins between restricting content on the one hand, and user profile on the other hand. Building out a fuller user profile within your membership plugin, may offer something of a differentiator. Third, I personally do not use page builders, but creating blocks specific to page builers will open up your market to designers and differentiate your plugin. Fourth, maybe focus on a specific audience - e.g. sports clubs. Last point - provide the add ons as an lifetime deal not 24 months - unfortunately early adopters expect lifetime deals at $49. I will take the plugin for a spin, when next I am working locally. Good luck.

Oh man! This is amazing feedback! Thank you!!! We've been completely re-working our plugin to focus on people who want to turn on paid subscriptions for their newsletter. Hopefully this audience works better, it seems slightly underserved right now.

Unfortunately, we're also working on Mailchimp right now too. haha But might link up with something like Mailpoet in the future so someone can do end-to-end email newsletter through WordPress.

Thanks for the feedback on the pricing. You're totally right. Will fix it once we launch our new version.

Hi Lesley. Apologies for the delay in replying. Paid subscriptions for newsletters is an undeserved niche. Feel free to DM me - happy to chat about the development etc.