Is it okay to add paid subscriptions after launching a project without a way to use it for free?

I'm thinking to launch my project soon and everything is left is paid subscriptions. I feel like I will spend about 1 week on implementing this but I already want to validate an idea and get feedback about my project because I already spent about a month on working on it. So I'm thinking about launching it now and then add paid subscriptions if the idea is valid. I was anyway thinking to give a trial for 2 weeks without registration and filling any billing details.

What do you think about it? Isn't it kinda wrong to do something like this?

You can give a trial for 2 weeks without asking a cc. Make sure they know this upfront. Converting people that don't fill in a cc to a paid user seems difficult and I'm very happy I asked for cc for Simple Analytics.

Yes you could do it this way. Explicitly say 2 weeks free trial, no Credit Card required and manually follow up after 2 weeks. This allows you to have feedback from freeriders on launch day

As long as you’re upfront about it I think it’s okay.

Like Adriaan said you can just call it a free trial for now. I think that’s how Basecamp started as well. They launched with no billing system in place and figured they had 30 days (time of trial) to implement one.

Yes you can do it. No way is wrong way. There are some apps that just do direct paid subscription like & Corey said it better in 1 comment I think… & some apps like which is one-time fee but they do have a 30 day money back guarantee. So you can go either of the 4 ways -

  1. 7-day free trial without entering Credit Card details
  2. 7-day free trial by entering Credit Card details
  3. No trial; just paid subscription
  4. Free Plan & Paid Plan

Nothing is wrong. Just depends on your application & the way you want to go :)

I think I will go with 14-day free trial without entering Credit Card details because it is much easier :)