Is anyone interested in giving feedback and review to each other?

Hi everyone, I'm Hiro, the maker of Sharelo, an interactive story builder for business.

I was reading an old book, "The Launch Pad: Inside Y Combinator" recently, and it says some of the companies at Y Combinator give feedback to each other when each party is interested in the other party's service.

I thought this is a great idea and like to try it here.

Let's write about your service and who can be your target customers, and you can write comments if you are interested in the service other members are building.

Here's what I'm buillding and who can be our target customers.

What we are building:

Sharelo is an interactive story builder in which you can combine multiple short videos with choices and share them with a link or embed it as a video widget.

Who is the ideal reviewer:
SaaS, E-commerce, or consumer service provider. 

This is very interesting. Followed! Will interested in seeing where this goes.