Introducing topic-based groups

Trying something new in MastermindJam this week: topic-based mastermind groups.

Feel free to suggest any group ideas you may have. Short-term, accountability challenge groups? Long-term groups that meet less frequently? Sure, anything goes; Iโ€™m open to your ideas.

These new groups can have a lot of benefits.

First, even if you donโ€™t find an existing group who has a vacancy that you can fill, these groups are a fast way to get going.

Also, these empty (right now) groups can help out folks who may be shy and reluctant to directly reach out to other members and suggest a new group.

Hopefully you shy folks can feel more comfortable by being first into a new group and then wait to let people fill in around you.

And for people who are simply short on time and want to get in a group more quickly, this may be a great avenue for that.

So, again, feel free to suggest any group ideas you may have.