I'm turning Yeezy.Dating into a React Native App. Help Please!

So the original is built using:

a) Node b) Pug for templating c) Mongo DB (database) d) Passport for Auth

I'm fairly solid in React so have decided on React.Native to replace Pug for the app. Other than that could I just stick with the same stack?

a) Node b) React Native c) Mongo DB d) Passport for Auth

Would I run into problems using Node / Mongo / Passport on an app? Some advice is that I should look into firebase for auth and database?

Another option is to use a React Native Tinder Clone and work from that?

To summarise. Two main questions:

a) How big a task is it to transfer from my stack to a React native App? b) Is it advisable to change my stack for App?


so you want to turn your web app into an mobile app, right?

Well your stack is quite okay for it.
You just need to add an api layer on top of it. So that you mobile app can communicate over an rest api with your backend.

You can definitely stick to the same stack for your server. Like Jakub says you'll have to make it suitable to communicate with an external API. When I built my first API (stack similar to yours, is it from Wes Bos Learn Node?) I struggled to get CORS right and to get Passport working.

React Native is relatively close to React, at least syntax wise. The difference and complexity for me was handling interactions and using the default React Native components, like FlatList/SectionList.