I'm creating a coding course for beginners, should I give it for free or set a price?

I don't have an email list or a community, what's the best option? Build an audience by giving the course for free and then upsell or sell it directly as I build an audience?

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Free then upsell later is the way to go. You can try to copy model

my first post here :D

My story: I am new to coding and just started out in 2018.
I have tried udacity, udemy, codecademy (pro and pro intensive), treehouse, edX, egghead,....
My journey so far: html -> css -> Javascript -> node.js -> express -> mongoDB

What I can tell you the space is crowded and almost everyone has their "free 2 weeks" "free first coding lesson" "money back guarantee" The thing is you need people to get hooked in order to get a good reputation in the "learning to code space" People will try the free stuff before they will spend some money on the paid versions.

If people are happy with you they will throw money at you... and believe me, there is a lot that can be improved in that space.

What I would recommend. Offer it free. Collect feedback. Improve it. Let people write reviews. Make a paid "pro" version for faster, easier learning.


it will be really hard to sell it without a community.
I would suggest that you make a few free videos oder even free micro courses to build up a community.

And then sell the main course.

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Take a look at Wes Bos's courses
He is the guy who knows how to market stuff
What he did was gave his 2 courses for free Mastering Markdown & JavaScript 30 in which he made awesome good looking websites & all the videos were professionally recorded
After that he started Paid Courses so first build an audience with Blogs or Books or Videos & then when you have 1K followers or subscribers then start Paid Courses

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as @akshay kadam rightly says.

study and emulate wes bos.
he's on the IH podcast. and he does a sick conference talk on you tube here:…

last of the young and famous writers -

build your audience now

blog + twitter + free videos + help people on stack overflow. as grimey as it sounds you need to raise your profile

also, quality sells. a small amount of ridiculously high quality videos is what you need.
don't pump out content.

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