How to name my new side project?

Hey all,

I'm working on a new side project and I am not sure what name to use. I am doubting between two names. One I like because it is translated from Dutch (betaal = pay), but the other describes what it is, but may be too limited (no code). But for the former, the .com is already taken. Which would you choose?

The names are: vs


My hunch doesn't stand on either side. But if I gotta choose, I will choose 🙂

Some naming ideas that come to mind right now:
• Instacent
• Nokomo (no-code-money) 😄
• Lightningpay

Hope that helps! 🙏

Thanks Wilbert,

What do you think about the .co vs .com?

I feel like .co is more techy but not everyone may be in that bubble ;p

I'm sorry to get into the conversation. Usually, I prefer com but look at the Notion with their .so It's simply doesn't matter what domain zone to use until a product is great.

I use .io for my product but my dream is to buy the same domain in .com one day :)

I agree with Ars as well.

Personally I’m a .com hunter when it comes to a product name, like what I did with

But in the other hand, not all of the name could add some kind like “get, use, etc”.

In the end I would say just move on. There’re bigger things that you should do afterwards. 😉

I wouldn't worry about the .co thingy, with the only problem was me mistyping it a couple of times 😬

Between the two I would choose "" because it describes what the project does and it is a dot-com domain.

If your target are people who are not too tech savvy, I would go for the .com domain. Having that in mind, this is not enough information! What else can you tell us about your customer and their journey (how would they find out about you, get to the website, get the product)?