How to embed a private Telegram chat on a website?

I'd like to embed a private Telegram group (I'm admin) in a website and make it possible to chat without leaving the site.

Does anyone have some tips?

Their web client is open source so technically you should be able to incorporate that into your site. I think the codebase is rather complicated though, so I'm not sure it's worth the time.

If you just want to be able to chat between the website visitor and you the admin, then you could build a Telegram bot that interfaces between the two. You'd receive the visitor's messages on the website, and using server-side code send them via the Telegram bot to your personal Telegram account. You'd then reply to that message in Telegram, which the server-side code picks up (e.g. using Telegram bot webhooks) and sends the response to the visitor. In order to do this real-time you'd probably want to use Web Sockets. All the visitor then needs is a modern webbrowser, no plugins needed.

There are existing services available that provide this all for you. I haven't used any, but a quick Google search returned these:

It's more embedding a public chat, so multiple users chatting together.

Yes I was thinking of a bot that duplicates messages to the Telegram group, but then it doesn't post as the user.

Otherwise I could build a new chat from scratch and just use user profiles from Telegram.

But since a lot of users from WIP are already on Telegram, I thought this would be a could idea to use a Telegram group.

I think ChatBro does what you need right?

hey I just re-read it carefully and it seems they have it.
I'm gonna try this and get some coffee ;)